Social Media

Instagram AR Filters

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Creating Instagram filters is such a fun and rewarding process. Using Spark AR I am able to create something for my company that makes them stand out against competitors. Instagram filter trends are always changing so I work hard to keep up with what’s new and popular.

Podcast Host

As a huge fan of podcasts it’s an honor to be a host of my own. I write the script, record and edit the Together N.J. podcast which brings good news stories happening around the state of N.J. to people during the time of the coronavirus. This is so rewarding to me on many different levels and I’m so proud of the work I do.

Instagram Stories

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A big part of my job is creating Instagram Stories based on articles that our team writes. This was one I really enjoyed creating because I got to showcase local N.J. black owned restaurants for Black History Month. Being able to showcase and celebrate a culture in such a fun and interactive way was something I really enjoyed doing.