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Business Report hosts over 400,000 artists where original pieces can be imposed onto just about any product imaginable at a cheap price. Redbubble’s mission statement is creating the world’s largest marketplace for independent artists, bringing more creativity into the world.” The purpose of Redbubble and its mission statement is to serve as a middleman for artists, but recently this service has inadvertently cost artists thousands of sales. After posting art online artists will find that somebody else has taken their art and uploaded it Redbubble for others to buy and for them to make no money off of their own work. Also many independent creators will have their IP stolen from them and made into merchandise that they will never see a cent of.

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Online Reading Style

Online readers have acquired a negative reputation. “Short attention spans” and “skim readers” are terms that are frequently used to describe them. I admit that I definitely feed into these stereotypes. I never realized one reading habit of mine until I read’s content guide of writing style where they report that,

“Most readers don’t read single words in order. They bounce backwards and forwards, especially online. They expect words and fill them in.”

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