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Get To Know Me

15499A59-A2A8-44D7-86C8-FC00116AB537 Hello! My name is Libby Cardone, you can see me pictured here, in Harry Potter World living my absolute best life. I see you’ve noticed my Marvel Comics shirt, I swear I’m not always this lame or holding a wand in person… most days, like… usually… okay 50/50 chance. Continue reading Get To Know Me

Disney’s Animation Empire Told Through Data Viz

Animation is a huge passion of mine. I’ve been in love with the industry since I was little and have been following it to this day. As a result of that I’ve noticed a few patterns, but in all honesty somebody that isn’t following the industry as closely as I have could probably notice a few things too.

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Dear Data #3: The Third One

Okay. So I’m pretty much a pro at collecting data at this point. Sure I forgot almost every single time to write it down as soon as whatever i’m trying to collect data on actually happens, but I always remember eventually! In all seriousness I’ve really started to enjoy the data visualization process and I’m really thankful to have started on this data journey.

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Next Stop: The Persuasion and Manipulation Station

Creating charts is easy. There’s always going to be one guiding question that influences any chart one may make: What information am I trying to get across? Of course that one question branches off into hundreds of other questions like: what’s the best way to get this information across and what aesthetic choices will best illustrate this information? But at the beginning and the end trying to express information is always the main purpose of any data visualization. If you can’t express the information correctly then you haven’t made data visualization you’ve just made some bad art.

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Sorry not Sorry

After my first round of data collection I was excited for the next one. I realized I could be waaay more creative than I was letting myself be the first time around. The first time I tried to record data I decided to write down everything I ate for a few days and in the end I was reminded of a very difficult nutrition class I almost didn’t pass and a sad feeling that I should be eating more. But this time around I was excited by the topic and pleasantly surprised with the results I found. Continue reading Sorry not Sorry

Data Do’s and Dont’s

I’m not going to pretend I’m the master of data visualization. I’m also not going to say that I can easily tell the difference between a good chart and a bad chart, sometimes things that work for me don’t work for everyone else and that’s fine. But there are some data visualizations that are just… bad. Like objectively, somebody should feel ashamed that they ever let other living people see these charts. These data visualizations are my favorite to look at because while I may not be the master of data viz, at least I’m not these guys!

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Data Maintenance In Progress

“Data cleaning,” sounds like a combination of two of my least favorite things: math and cleaning. I’ve never been the sharpest at doing math in my head (calculators in phones are a direct blessing from God) and I think we can all agree that putting laundry away is one of the most tedious tasks in the world. Going into data cleaning I definitely had some preconceived notions about what the process was going to look like, but I still tried to keep a positive outlook.

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Okay Ladies Now Let’s Get Information (Visuals)

Unfortunately for us bad information visuals are incredibly easy to make. Plugging information into Microsoft Excel and having it spit a chart back out at you does not mean Excel just gave you the easiest to read and most visually appealing chart in the entire world. In fact I’m confident in saying that it most definitely did not do that. So where does that leave us when we want to create information visuals? It leaves us as the masters of our own universes, it’s like the age old saying goes, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

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A Written History on Visual Data

It’s hard to believe that what I’m learning right now originated as a way to chart the stars and discover new lands. Maybe that’s why every time I look at a pie chart I can’t help but giggle. The evolution of data visualization is incredible, its purpose today is almost completely different from its original purpose. Data visualization has had a long and constantly changing history since its inception and to follow its evolution is fascinating.

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A Handsome Ransom.

When I hear ransom notes I think of the typical things, murder, money negotiation a hostage situation. As I type this out I realize that saying those things are “normal” is… questionable. But I’ve learned recently that the weird and unusual should be my new normal. If I want to one day make something that will go viral or catch the attention of my future employer then I need to adopt a new mindset. I need my normal to change.

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