Let’s Take A Journey

Well here we are! Creating a Journey Map is the last assignment in my Principles of User Experience Design class and in true Libby fashion I did the assignment wrong the first time and had to start over. But hey, bright side! At least I recognized the fact I did it wrong and could do it over. And it was a learning experience and all that. The thing is I don’t think I did the assignment wrong the first time, per say, because when it comes to journey maps it’s all about a journey, I just didn’t realize that for the assignment the journey had to be a journey to purchase something. Wow, I just realized I’m going to say journey A LOT in this blog post.

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Ideation Station

Ideation is my favorite phase of design thinking. I know I’m not supposed to pick favorites but I can’t help myself, ideation is the most fun and silliest stage in design thinking so how could it not be my favorite. This stage encourages you to generate ideas, quantity over quality to the truest form. Ideas don’t have to be good, in fact, they should be silly! How could you not love being told to think as out of the box as possible?

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One Less Problem Without You

Nobody likes problems. I know I don’t. But being able to define a problem and write a problem statement (and subsequently figure out how to solve it) is an important part of the design process. When you have a problem, it’s likely that other people are having this problem as well. After the problem is defined, then you can write a problem statement and solve your problem.

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Persona Grata

Have you ever been shopping online, put something in your cart you wouldn’t usually buy and right at the last second before you closed out of that tab for good you changed your mind and decided to buy it? If yes (or even if no) congratulations, you’ve made a decision that shapes your persona. Buying, closing out and purchasing at the last second are all important characteristics for companies to know when collecting data on their consumers. That last second mind change told more about you and who you are than you might think!

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Undercover Boss Empathy Map

Undercover Boss is a television show that needs almost no introduction. It’s pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, a show where bosses go undercover in their company and see where their business is succeeding and where it is failing. In going undercover (in some of the worst wigs I’ve ever seen) the bosses must use empathy to place themselves in the shoes of their employees in order to gain a deeper understanding for the work they do.

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Netflix vs. Hulu: And How Does That Make You Feel?

Netflix and Hulu are two of the world’s most popular television and movie streaming services. Each provide near identical services with the only real differences coming from price, original content and overall selection. But that seems to only scratch the surface of the two streaming services. Let’s take a closer look on the UX/UI design side of things and really see how these two services measure up against each other.

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Feelings and Needs with Products, Services and Devices

Without even thinking about it every product, service and device impacts you. Sure it provides it’s purpose and impacts you in that way, but it goes much further than that, it can leave you with specific emotions depending on if it can or cannot fulfill your needs. Thinking about the emotional impact of products, services and devices is an important part of user experience. I broke down three examples of my own experiences with products, services and devices to explain further.

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