Me vs. HTML Round 2: Fight!

I’ll admit that after last week’s struggle with HTML I was a little nervous for what this week had in store. However maybe last week was the crash course I needed to feel more comfortable with coding because I felt much more comfortable this time around. The only thing that intimidated me this time around was the to-do list.

For this week’s assignment I learned how to create lists (both listed and unlisted), how to change the background color, how to make italicized and bolded fonts, how to create heading and how to add links. In the end my web page went from looking like this:

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 10.12.41 PM

To looking like this:

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 4.46.24 PM

I really enjoyed learning how to customize HTML this week, utilizing what I learned into my web page left me with a result I felt embodied my personal style much more. I’ve always enjoyed being able to put my personality into my work so being able to see that come to be, from a code I wrote on my own, left me with an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

To be honest that’s something I never expected to feel from coding, that sense of accomplishment. But I love it! And I really like coding! This week felt so much more natural and fulfilling compared to last week. Now looking back and with a week of experience (I’m basically a pro) under my belt, I feel much more confident with what skills I do have and have an excitement to learn even more.

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