The Web Development Process Part 3: Sitemap

Alright! Next up in our Wee Bee makeover we’ve got the sitemap. If I’m honest I’ve never made a sitemap before and this was the step I was feeling intimidate the most with.

I know the thinking behind a sitemap is simple: start with the home page, if you can click off the homepage onto another site write that down on your map and keep going until you have a spider web sort of layout for your website. This is where the more abstract steps like mood boards and color palettes take a back seat and the factual and almost (gasp) mathematic steps come into play.

Instead of ending my blog post with the finished product I’m going to post it below to illustrate what I thought about this step with more clarity.

New Mockup 2

As you can see a lot of my pages only go until the third level. Level? Tier? There’s a lot of technical jargon that I’m still learning in all honesty. Regardless, I wasn’t sure if it was normal to have a… small (?) website such as this? The original Wee Bee page wasn’t very in depth and stopped around the same place I did so I didn’t want to add too much more and be inauthentic to the original source.

In addition to that I structured the new webpage (which you will see more of in #4: wireframes) as to be more of “scroll down to see these features” not a “click to a new page to see these features”. Does that make sense? Like I said I’m a newbie to this world so there’s a bit of a learning curve.

All in all I think this is still a good start and at this point I could really see the webpage starting to come together in my mind.

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