The Web Development Process Part 2: Color Palettes

I would guess that you’ve never really given much thought to color. It’s alright that you haven’t but once you start learning about color psychology I guarantee that you’ll never be able to stop. Color psychology is going to be very important when picking a color palette for your website as it was extremely important for me. The next step in our Wee Bee makeover is choosing a color palette.

In my previous post about mood boards you may have noticed that there was a small color palette on there but that was just me getting my feet wet, now we’re going to jump right in!

Wee Bee is an interesting “client” to have because as manufactures of honey, they already have a color scheme built in. If I had chosen a travel website there are no colors that automatically come to mind when you think of vacations or airplanes, but with honey you automatically think of the rich yellows and warm orange tones.

I tried to follow this color scheme while keeping in mind some important parts of color psychology. Some colors are unappealing, orange being one of them, Neil Patel reports,

“In a survey on color and gender, 35% of women said blue was their favorite color, followed by purple (23%) and green (14%). 33% of women confessed that orange was their least favorite color, followed by brown (33%) and gray (17%).”

Keeping this in mind and also knowing that orange was also disliked by men but green was enjoyed by both genders I created my color palette around that. I wanted softer yellows and yellow-greens to be the main colors. Green is in the Wee Bee logo and yellow and green are analogous colors that bring up images of outdoors, flowers and nature.

That being said I still decided to add pops of yellow-oranges because I thought they would nicely compliment the yellows and greens as the three colors are analogous on the color wheel. My final colors are below, note that not all colors will be used and some will be less prevalent than others.

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 4.09.41 PMScreen Shot 2019-07-21 at 4.09.49 PMScreen Shot 2019-07-21 at 6.52.58 PM

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