Get To Know Me

15499A59-A2A8-44D7-86C8-FC00116AB537 Hello! My name is Libby Cardone, you can see me pictured here, in Harry Potter World living my absolute best life. I see you’ve noticed my Marvel Comics shirt, I swear I’m not always this lame or holding a wand in person… most days, like… usually… okay 50/50 chance.

So obviously from my photo it’s easy to tell that some of my favorite things in the world are reading books or comics, but there’s a whole lot of other stuff I adore that my picture can’t tell you. Iced coffee, listening to podcasts, dancing, petting my dog and singing off key, to name a few.

I also love creating. I’m a digital artist and I try to draw everyday either in my sketchbook or on my IPad. I’ve also recently started to get into embroidery, but in all honesty I’m having a difficult time with not stabbing myself with the tiny needles.

As a recent graduate I’m having an interesting time adjusting to my post-grad life. It’s exciting and terrifying, I feel like I’m ready to move on and start this new chapter in my life but then I remember that although I technically had a graduation ceremony in May I’ve got another one a year later for my graduate degree. Joining the real world while still having professors is kind of a funny juxtaposition, but it feels nice to still have my Quinnipiac support group arms length away while I’m applying for jobs.


Kidding! (Not really). I hope that I provided a snapshot into my life that was intriguing and fun. If it seems like I don’t take myself too seriously it’s because I try my best not to. My life philosophy is to smile as much as possible. Corny I know, but that’s just who I am.

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