Smorgasbord Story Board

As a lover of cartoons I’m very familiar with storyboarding. I’ve frequently looked back at movies or shows that I love to see the behind the scenes process that goes into to creating some of my favorite pieces of media. I’ve done some rough storyboarding before when I’ve created comics, but I think they would count more as thumbnails than actual storyboards. That’s why I was so excited to start a storyboarding lesson in my GID 110 class.

Repeating the same five frames over and over again may seem tedious to some but for me it was great practice in storyboarding and camera angles. The assignment had as redrew an approaching cowboy who started in an extreme long shot and ending in an extreme close-up shot.


I’m relatively familiar with different angles and how they can frame a scene from the film class I’m currently taking. There is some slight overlap but since one medium is with real people and the other is completely from my imagination I don’t think the overlap is extreme. A lot of the time working with actors instead of working with what my hand can create leads me to stray from my idea in order to make sure the actor is comfortable. When I storyboard I am in complete control of my vision.


This exercise was interesting in that I thought my first attempt looked better than my first. By the third attempt I felt tired out and less precise in my lines. However, in ever piece I felt the last frame always looked the best, maybe because it was my favorite out of all of them.


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