Up Close and Personal


Often times when I begin the filming process for an assignment I will start by writing out questions or plans for shots and picking a location I want to film in. This is standard procedure for every shoot and it was much of the same for this one and yet everything managed to go wrong.

Luckily unlike my other assignment I managed to have my mic functioning properly from the beginning and did not have to reshoot my entire project. That being said not everything was smooth sailing and as soon as I went to plug in the third of the three lights I found it would not turn on. Lesson learned: always check the lights before you leave the equipment booth.

That’s not where this story ends though, I tried it in another outlet and the light actually managed to turn back on! Three functioning lights! Until that is about ten minuets later when a different light blew out and wouldn’t turn back on. Okay, that’s not a problem, I’ve got really bright lights I can work with from my house as a replacement and it’s only one light so it’s not the worst thing that could happen.

And then the second light blew out.

But I’m nothing if not adaptable and I had another bright light that could fill in as the other light.


This one actually blew out during filming so I managed to capture it below.

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 5.44.38 PMScreen Shot 2019-02-25 at 5.44.57 PM

Personally I don’t think the lighting problems are that noticeable in the video, which I managed from a mix of choosing clips that didn’t showcase the wonky lighting too much and placing b-roll in select places. Another lesson I learned is that if the equipment room tries to rent me Go Kit #23 I need to politely ask for a different kit because #23 is most certainly cursed.

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