Long Form Essay Pitch

In deciding on a topic for my long form essay I have discovered a topic that will keep me engaged throughout the writing and editing process. I was discouraged with my topic choice after I heard some of the less involved choices my classmates had decided on, but even that couldn’t derail me.

(Lede) In September of 1986 a Hamden, CT woman was brutally murdered at a local bar, her body was discovered in a dumpster with multiple stab wounds, the only thing that wasn’t found was the culprit.

(Nut Graf) The 1986 murder of Virginia Duclose-Bruce is one that haunts her family, but not the town she was murdered in. No arrests were ever made for the then mother of two and not much information can be found on her murder. Police incompetence is suspected, in 1986 the Hamden police was in the middle of their third scandal and had no Police Chief. The town of Hamden is happy to pretend Virgina never existed, the question is, why?

(Audience Research) I know that this piece will have a strong audience reaction. My long form appeals to true crime fans, Connecticut residents, people that live in other-state small towns and people that enjoy a dramatic story. Due to there being very little information out there about Virginia Duclose-Bruce and her murder, this will be the first written piece available to the public that complies all of the available information and outside opinions from people that were around during the time of Virginia’s murder.

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