Original Composition

Art is all about taking inspiration and making something new. This is especially true when I created original compositions on Photoshop using copyright free images and combining them in an entirely new composition.

For my first piece I wanted to focus on a warm color pallet so I decided to take inspiration from nature, which is reflected in the fire and the autumn background. I wanted to give my piece a sort of fantasy feeling so I made the main character appear to be controlling fire and gave her a dragon tattoo for a bit of mystery. I used a lot of warm yellow overlay layers, specifically on her hands and reflecting on her face and glasses.


For my second piece I kept with the mystical theme and tried to challenge myself with a complicated background that feature hiding spooky figures behind tree branches. I struggled with placing them in naturally but after a lot of clone stamp tool-ing and seventeen layers I achieved a result I was happy with. I think I enjoyed creating shading and highlights the most in this piece. Add those little details can really bring a piece together and make it look more realistic.


Links for fire girl image:






Links for spooky forest image:






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