About Me


Standing at 5’0 tall Libby Cardone’s height does not match her ambitions. Libby currently works for NJ.com as a social media specialist and is the host of the podcast Today in N.J. She recommends checking it out if you like feel good news, New Jersey and feel good news in New Jersey.

IMG_3116She recently graduated in the spring of 2019 with a degree in public relations and a minor in fine arts from Quinnipiac University. In 2020 she will graduate with a masters in interactive media, also from Quinnipiac University. Keep her name in mind now because you’ll be hearing it a lot in the future.

Libby comes from an incredibly small town in central New Jersey, which does in fact exist thank you very much. (Don’t get her started on the taylor ham vs pork roll debate unless you have an hour to spare) When Libby isn’t drinking her third coffee of the day you can find her practicing art, reading, listening to podcasts, petting her dog, singing (off key) or checking her horoscope.

Now that you’ve taken the time to get to know Libby she’d love to get to know you too:

E-mail: Libbycardone1@gmail.com